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Sourdough Pizza
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About 20 years ago, we had our first Pizza on the Farm experience and both agreed we would love to do that someday. When we found our farm 12 years ago, we looked at each other and exclaimed, "This would be a perfect pizza farm!"   And it IS pretty darn perfect!  

There are a lot of great pizza farms across the Midwest, but here are a few reasons we think our pizza stands out:

  • We make our own delicious sourdough crust.

  • We make our own flavorful marinara sauce, using herbs, tomatoes, squashes, peppers and garlic from our farm gardens when they are in season.

  • We use  premium ingredients, including many organic and from local sources.

  • We are always experimenting with new combinations and have come up with some real winners!  Two that have become favorites are Midwest Farmer (with fresh sweet corn, sweet red peppers and red onion) and Fancy Schmancy (olive oil instead of marinara, chicken, gorgonzola, red grapes, pecans, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction.) 

Add in a pastoral setting, dining in the shade of two giant maples, yard games, friendly farm animals, a sculpture walk and fairy garden, delicious home-made ice cream sandwiches, and fabulous local music... what could be a better way to relax than Summer Sundays at Squash Blossom?

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