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We have always been passionate about chocolate - about eating it, that is.


Little did we realize when our daughter began traveling to Costa Rica, working on cacao farms, and learning to make chocolate, we would ourselves become chocolate makers!


Our cocoa beans arrive in 55 kg bags from Costa Rica, already fermented in the traditional way. We roast them to fruity, toasty perfection in our wood-fired oven, then shell, winnow, grind, melange, temper, mold and wrap them into beautiful bars for you.

This is Bean-to-Bar Chocolate.


We make our chocolate from just two ingredients:

70% cacao and 30% organic raw cane sugar. 

We offer chocolate pure and plain, or with inclusions of roasted hazelnuts or black walnuts, both locally grown.


Or, try Wholly Mole, dark chocolate enhanced with a Mexican mole'-inspired blend of  pistachios, pepitas,  cinnamon, chiles and a hint of garlic.



Find Our Chocolate

You can get our Bean-to-Bar Chocolate at Peoples Food Co-op in Rochester, MN, Rochester Farmers Market, or order directly from our online farm store.

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