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About our Farm

Squash Blossom Farm is a real farm, with gardens, chickens, goats and donkeys. We are an historic 1910 farmstead, being lovingly restored and revitalized using permaculture techniques. 

We are dedicated to Local Food, Local Art, and Local Music, and sharing all of those with the community.

Throughout the summer months we are open to the public for Summer Sundays music and wood-fired pizza. We also host special theatrical performances  and artisan fairs, workshops and classes.


The Critters

In the spirit of permaculture, we have a lot of help from the animals on the farm.  Besides being companions, each critter has responsibilities.

  • The donkeys guard, mow and provide fertilizer for the gardens,

  • The geese give us eggs, patrol the farmyard and eat weeds.

  • The bees pollinate the garden and provide honey and wax.

  • The goats devour brush and invasives, entertain and  and provide manure for the compost.

  • The hard-working crew of chickens and ducks eats insects, and provides eggs.

  • The turkey, well, he is pretty much a pet. He won't ever be Thanksgiving dinner.

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The Kitchen

In 2015, we completed construction of a beautiful certified kitchen in our historic barn.

The kitchen has allowed us to greatly expand our baking. We can also host Pizza Nights, Dinners on the Farm, Mothers' Day Brunch and other social events with foods from the farm. 

This kitchen has now allowed us to launch into yet another adventure, becoming artisan Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers!

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