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Mead is wine made with honey. The nectar of the gods. Probably mankind's first fermented beverage, created in partnership with honeybees.

We became beekeepers 13 years ago, our first year farming, when we added 20,000 head of bees to our livestock. Loving fermented foods, we began to make mead from our honey, and now we have earned our Farm Winery License, invested in all the equipment, built a mead-making room and a delightful mead-tasting room, and have dived into making mead on a grander scale to share with you at the farm.

In addition to traditional honey mead, we make a variety of meads with fruits. berries, spices, and even chocolate, to create memorable flavors. We also serve a variety of refreshing "Session Meads" (meads that are lighter, carbonated, lower alcohol and chilled) which we have on tap.  Our mead is made with local honey from The Bee Shed and our own farm honey, with many locally grown fruits and berries.

The Mead-Tasting Room is open Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m.

All of our meads may be enjoyed by the glass, taster, or sample flight.  The traditional meads may also be purchased in bottles.

No reservation is necessary.

Come sip some mead as you relax in the new mead room or outside by the Fish Gazebo!  Come hungry and savor some delicious light fare created by talented Chef Travis Heim!  

Mead is also available during Summer Sundays pizza and music nights, 4 to 6 pm.

You must pre-order your pizzas, as quantities are limited and sell out in advance.

Contact us to schedule a special mead-tasting event with your group!