The Farmers

Living the Dream

In 2008, we became farmers.  Despite neither of us having a farm background, together we had been imagining our dream farm  for 25 years: It would be small, historic, eclectic, picturesque... a place to celebrate art, music and community.

Amazingly - our dream is happening!  

We are actually farmers! 


Local Food.  Local Art.  Local Music.

That's our mission. We strive to restore and protect this beloved farmstead,  continue learning how to be the best farmers, bakers and artists we can be, and celebrate delicious, wholesome, homegrown food and local music and artistry with our friends and neighbors.

Welcome to our farm adventure!

Roger Nelson


Farm Handyman



Susan Waughtal

Caretaker of the Critters

Farm Store Manager

Gung-ho Gardener